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Shelley Ferguson kitchen


White lacquered cabinetry with brass details, Oak timber bar doors and Sensa TajMahal stone

Design: Hewe Kitchens and Interiors and    Shelley Ferguson Studio

Photo: Helen Banker

This wonderful kitchen for Shelley Ferguson, presenter of the BLOCK NZ is turning heads. Your eyes will not know where to look first....

The tall cabinetry has been kept in a sleek white look with the Fridge fully integrated and hiding a BLUM space tower for all your dry storage needs. Making the cabinetry blend in rather than stand out, has given it great contrast to the bar area. The overhead cupboard fronts have been coated in liquid metal and the door fronts are a bold, fluted timber statement with custom recessed handles. The smokey mirror splashback reflects back the Sensa TajMahal stone used on the servery.

If that magnificent looking stone was not eye catching enough, is gets carved through by decorative brass strips finished to perfection. The detailing continues in the sink area. A white sink is complementing the white cabinet fronts with brass drainer and tap. This look continues into the adjacent scullery/ laundry.

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