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Matakana kitchen


Natural and black washed american Oak veneer with lacquered island

Design:  Gunnar Friese

Photo: Jamie Cobel

We are happy to be awarded "Highly commended" in the TIDA 2020 international design awards or this design by us.


“This kitchen will get used by professional chefs at family gatherings, as our sons are both running successful restaurants” the clients briefed us at the initial meeting. This meant finding a functional layout was our highest priority. The existing kitchen was squeezed in under the windows with a small scullery and a framed in pantry making the space feel rather small. The new kitchen should feel not only more spacious but have a place to have breakfast in the sun and to enjoy the view. It should have a separate area for food preparation and for cleaning dirty dishes. A place to hide small on bench appliances and have an area for preparing drinks and coffees. Clean lines and balance with a bit of wow factor were words that came up regularly.


During the design process we came up with 9 different layout options exploring concealed sculleries, bars and breakfast nooks. The favorite design was to have modern open kitchen with designated spaces that all connected to each other effortlessly. Visual balance with clean unobstructed lines were how we tried to do this. The island needed to be unique with a wow factor. From the dining room and lounge the island needed to look more like a piece of furniture than a kitchen.


The clients have told us that at the Christmas dinner, there were eight people working in the kitchen, without getting in each other’s way which is fantastic. They also love how easy it is to use when just the two of them and perfectly it functions. They have had plenty of compliments on the whole kitchen design but especially on how unique the island is. Overall, the clients love it and have been impressed with how well it hit their design brief.

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