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Frequently asked questions


Does Hewe only do kitchens? Or bathrooms and other cabinetry as well?

Hewe specialises in custom high-end residential projects ranging from kitchens, sculleries, laundries, bathrooms, wardrobes, walk in wardrobes to home offices, living room furniture, boat sheds, outdoor kitchens, feature walls, bunk beds and custom furniture. There is nothing we can not do.


What does my kitchen cost to make?

Hewe prides themselves to offering the highest quality craftsmanship on the market. Our factory  is set up for one off custom projects and not for mass production. Our kitchens start at NZ$45000+GST including design, manufacturing and installation, but excluding appliances, for a small to mid-size project depending on scope and complexity. Get in touch with our team for a free first consultation and quote of your project.


What cabinetry front finish is most commonly used?

Even so every project is unique, most (maybe 75%) cabinetry we do has a lacquered (painted finish) on MDF board. Second most common is probably timber veneer (natural or stained). Or a combination of both. Painting is more cost effective than veneer, but a prefinished product (like a laminate) can be even more cost effective than paint.


What questions do I get asked at the initial consultation?

Call us (or send an email) to make an appointment for a complementary first consultation with one of our designers. We like to talk to you about your new project in person. We either meet in our showroom to look at site drawings, sketches and ideas you might already have. Or if you don’t have drawings of the existing space, we come out to do an initial measure.

We will ask you a few questions about how you envisage your new space, like how is it going to look like? Will it be painted or a timber look or a combination of both? What appliances are you going to use?

We also discuss your budget right at the start, as there are endless options of benchtop and finish choices influencing the cost greatly. It is important to us to give you a realistic view on your budget and expectations.


How do we continue after the initial meeting?

We start out drawing layout options on the computer. Make recommendations on where to position workspaces and appliances, sometimes even suggest alterations to the layout of walls. Also, we start looking at possible materials and colours for your new space, following a first budget estimate including manufacturing and installation as designed. 

A 10% deposit to book a production space is required at this point. We keep refining the design and layout until the manufacturing process can start.


I am working with a designer or architect already.
Are you building from existing drawings and plans?

Yes we do. We are happy to price your project from existing drawings and specifications.

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