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Mt Eden house

Design: Gunnar Friese

Photography: Jamie Cobel

A great design is nothing without great craftsmanship bringing it to reality – which requires excellent teamwork between designer and cabinetmakers. Curved doors with matching timber grain and curved custom handle details call for a special set of manufacturing skills.

The aim was to create a warm and functional kitchen for the client’s family. First inspiration was drawn from master chef Josh Emmet’s kitchen, which features warm timbers and benchtops. But after visiting the house in central Auckland, it became clear, that the new kitchen will have to have a tongue and groove pattern somewhere, as the existing house has tongue and groove details in entrance and living areas. “A bar area would also be nice” the client mentioned.

“During the concept design phase, my client and I discovered we both love natural timbers and the colour green” says designer Gunnar Friese. “I also love clean lines and integrated appliances. One of the challenges I set myself was making the fridge visually disappear – we actually turned the fridge cabinet into one of the features of this kitchen.”

The integrated Fisher and Paykel fridge is hiding between two tall cabinets with curved doors and only one custom handle detail with brass inlay running through horizontally. The bench seat bordering the kitchen on the living room side, flows elegantly around the corner. Olive green squabs match the green scullery fronts.

For a family kitchen only hard-wearing work surfaces should be considered. Sensa Taj Mahal stone from Cosentino was not only chosen for its beauty but because of its protective coating making the natural stone very hard wearing. It goes perfectly with the white and timber cabinetry. “We were set on the stone choice from the very beginning of the project and it turned out to be an absolute stunner”

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