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Milford Project

Design: Gunnar Friese

Photography: Jamie Cobel

During the initial meeting, the client mentioned they like black, white and timber and would like a lot of open display shelving for the new kitchen.

Mixing three different colours and finishes for this Milford clifftop kitchen felt like a challenge at the start of the concept design phase. But turned out to be easy and worked well. The smokey oak timber veneer gives it warmth and calmness. The black-washed oak oven tower and display shelves behind the hob bench contrast the light timber and white painted surfaces beautifully and the marble looking porcelain benchtops give it the lux-feeling.

This colour scheme follows through from the kitchen into the adjacent scullery and laundry. With predominantly lighter materials in the smaller rooms and only faint accents of black tying all three areas together.

The kitchen feels light and open with the half height oven tower and it being open above. The aim was to make it look more like a piece of furniture than a kitchen. Playing with materials and different depth for different elements define the sculptural shape of the main body of this kitchen.

Black powder coated metal handle inlays and carefully placed door and drawer gaps maintain clean lines throughout. With only two visible drawer fronts, the top drawer hides an internal drawer commonly used for cutlery and cooking utensils.

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